It Takes a Movement to Reach A City Event


Tim Keller, founding pastor of Redeemer church in Manhattan, speaks on the importance of cooperation within the body of Christ. Although this talk is originally given to pastors, there is much every follower of Christ can learn about working with believers across the spectrum of Christianity.


It Takes a Movement to Reach a City

                                 Main Talk

Luncheon for pastors and church planters.

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Bonus Materials

If the church goes against the Bible’s teaching on significant theological issues, such as gay marriage; how should you approach Catholicity in that instance?

How important is a church building in effectively reaching non-Christians today?

What is the most important principle when gathering people to a church, cause, or idea?

What kinds of things have helped you bring people with such cultural diversity together?

Have you found any churches that are particularly effective in having a large percentage of mature believers, and if so, how does that occur?

How important is the role of the senior pastor in having a vision for church planting?

Can you mention more ways in which churches can come together in a city?

Is it elitist to privilege the city over other areas?

How do you take changes and pressures in culture and use it constructively to bring people together?

What suggestions do you have about how to involve and encourage a congregation to care for folks from different socioeconomic backgrounds?

What are your thoughts on church plants in the city vs. suburbs?








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