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The application period for the upcoming 2020-21 Fellows Program is open.



Year One Applications: You may complete the application using the web form (preferred) or the downloadable PDF (fill out by hand). If using the PDF, please print, then mail or fax the completed form to the Institute via the information listed below. Once your application has been submitted, please have your pastor and one non-related person who knows you well submit a Fellows Program Recommendation Form and return it directly to the Institute either via the web form or the information provided below.



C.S. Lewis Institute - Virginia Beach
417 Jonathans Cove Court
Virginia Beach, VA 23464
Attn: Joseph A. Kohm, Jr.
Email: Men: j.kohm@cslewisinstitute.org
Phone: 757-647-4694 Fax: N/A
Twitter: PastWatchfulDragons@JKohmJr

The C.S. Lewis Institute in Virginia Beach is devoted to developing disciples who can articulate, defend, share and live faith in Christ in public and personal life; we are an extension of the C.S. Lewis Institute in Washington D.C., which began in 1976 and stresses discipleship of mind and the heart.  The Institute works in partnership with local churches and ministries to help believers glorify God by becoming mature disciples of Jesus Christ who impact the spheres of influence to which God has called them.  This discipleship occurs through:

  • The C.S. Lewis Fellows Program, an intensive mentoring/discipleship program that focuses on spiritual and theological growth.
  • Apologetics and Discipleship Seminars, through which world respected authors and speakers instruct and encourage participants about important aspects of life in the Kingdom of God.
  • Knowing & Doing, a quarterly publication with challenging articles, interviews, and reviews designed to nurture discipleship of heart and mind.
  • Informal gatherings, where the important issues of the day and of personal life can be explored from the perspective of biblical orthodoxy.




Joseph A. Kohm, Jr., Esq.
Phone: 757-647-4694
Twitter: PastWatchfulDragons@JKohmJr

Joseph A. Kohm, Jr., Esq. is an attorney and Certified Major League Baseball Agent. He is the author of Baseball’s Antitrust Exemption: It’s Going, Going…Gone!,  and co-author of The Family Advisor: The New Trend for Athletes with Family Values. Prior to receiving his Juris Doctorate degree from Regent University School of Law, he earned his MBA from the State University of New York. While earning his undergraduate degree from Syracuse University, Joe was a member of the basketball team that participated in the 1987 Final Four. He has been married for 30 years to his wonderful wife Lynne. They have two children, Joe and Kathleen.

Read Joseph's articles in Knowing & Doing,
C.S. Lewis and How Christians Should Think About Science, The Wedding At Cana & The Poison of Subjectivism


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